Our Partners

Our Partners

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International should be below:

Project (Matching Grant) Partners:

Rotary Intl District 3460 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 3470 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 3480 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 3490 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 3510 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 3520 – Taiwan

Rotary Intl District 7620 – USA

Rotary Intl District 7250 – USA

Rotary Intl District 7280 – USA

Rotary Intl District 4480 – Brazil

Rotary Intl District 3220 – Sri Lanka

Rotary Intl District 3240 – India

Rotary Intl District 3070 – India

Rotary Intl District 3201 – India

Rotary Intl District 3110 – India

Rotary Intl District 3010 – India

All RI Districts of Korea – (17 Dists)

Rotary Club of Washington DC D7620

Rotary Club of Gold Coast Lake Success D7250

Rotary Club of Jericho Sunrise, New York

Rotary Club of New Wilmington D7280

Rotary Club of Hicksville South D7250

Rotary Club of Panchiao D3490

Rotary Club of Udhampur D3070

Rotary Club of Vishrambag D3170

Rotary Club of Sao Jose do Rio Preto Alvorada D4480

Rotary Club of Colombo (Sri Lanka) D3220

Rotary Club of Rajouri D3070

Rotary Club of Jammu City D3070

Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest D3010

Rotary Club of Delhi East End D3010

Rotary Club of Gurgaon D3010

Rotary Club of Jalandhar West D3070Prime Hospitals

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

National Heart Institute

Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Gift of Lie, New Delhi, India

Rotary (Delhi NCR) Gift of Life Trust

Rotary Club of Delhi East End

Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest

Rotary Club of Gurgaon

Kalakar Trust

(Children’s transportation arrangement courtesy)

Sterra Sharma, Director, (kalakartrust91@yahoo.com

Ms Anju Choubey, kalakartrust91@yahoo.com

Mr M Subramanian, kalakartrust91@yahoo.com

Manav Ashray

(Boarding/lodging courtesy)

Mr C.J. Rajan, helpmanav@yahoo.com

Mr Mishra, helpmanav@yahoo.com